School of Architecture


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Tel : 18646332063

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As one of the two founding disciplines of Harbin Institute of technology, architecture discipline has become one of the earliest universities in China to open architecture education. Harbin Institute of technology is known as one of the "Eight Old Schools of Architecture" in Chinese colleges and universities. It is also one of the most important scientific research bases of human settlements and one of the leaders of human settlements education in China.

The school of architecture of Harbin Institute of technology has five disciplines: architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, design, and heating, gas supply, ventilating & air conditioning engineering to build a completed discipline group of human settlements. It has eight majors, including architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, building environment and energy application engineering, environmental design, digital media art and digital media technology, intelligent building and construction, and provides three levels of professional education: Bachelor, Master and Doctor. There are four post-doctoral research stations in the disciplines of architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering (HVAC direction).

A total of 164 faculties and staffs are employed in the School of Architecture, including 43 Professors, 83 associate professors, 46 PhD student tutors and 122 master student tutors. Of them, there are 2 international Chair Professor (Academician), 1 Shared Academician, 1 National Engineering Survey and Design Master, 1 Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars, 2 New-Century Outstanding Talents.

Facing the national needs of high-quality development of human settlements and the rapid development of science and technology, the school of architecture in Harbin Institute of Technology has put forward the development strategy of "cross integration and stand between heaven and earth". Based on the big platform of living environment composed of the departments in school of architecture, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Key laboratory of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it actively promotes the integration of multi disciplines and opens up new cross directions.

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