School of Instrumentation Science and Enginnering

As the earliest Chinese subject dedicated to instrumentation, the subject of precision instruments in the School of Instrumentation Science and Engineering (SISE) of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was founded in 1952. It is also one of the disciplines with the largest scale and the strongest overall strength in China. Currently, it has 3 specialties for undergraduates: Precision Instruments, Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments, and IntelliSense Engineering.

Led by Professor Tan Jiubin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), it is oriented to broad fields related to the manufacturing of high-grade, precision and advanced equipment, largescale scientific projects and precision medicine, and is pledged to the research and development of ultra-precision measurement methods and instrument technology, remote ultra-high-resolution laser measurement technology, label-free non-invasive microscopy methods and instrument technology, etc. It has developed a series of instruments based on new principles to solve key measured problems in the above mentioned fields. In recent years, SISE has authorized more than 550 invention patents at home and abroad, established more than 30 international standards, national standards and industry standards, published more than 1,200 high-level academic papers, and won more than 60 national and provincial major scientific and technological achievement awards represented by the first prize of National Technological Invention Award.?

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